Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you sell Registered Bulls?

Yes! All our bulls are registered and semen tested.

Are your animals halter broke?

Yes! We believe easy handling of animals is a necessity!! We halter break our purebreds at a young age. Most of our purebreds are very comfortable around us as we spend an exceptional amount of time up close and personal with them.

Is delivery an option?

Delivery can be arranged, absolutely!

Do you sell commercial animals off the farm as well?

No. Our commercial calves are usually sold at market in the fall. Although we have sold a couple calves as 4H projects to kids in the area.

Are your animals AI'd?

Yes, both Trevor and Melanie are certified in Artificial Insemination.

Do you have bulls for rent as well as purchase?

We don't usually rent our bulls out but this is something that can be discussed with Trevor.

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